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AIM Program (Formerly Aid Myanmar Project)
AIM (Aid In Myanmar) Program is a humanitarian arm of Frontier Burma Mission, Inc. and the coordinator is Man Sian Lun, Yangon, Myanmar (Mobile:  +95-95122521).  This program includes Relief Effort and Community Development.

Relief Effort and Community Developments include medical clinics, an orphanage, child care and development program such as water supplies, wind power, agriculture developments and rural area development programs.  Now, all RECD works are under the name of AIM Program.

AIM Program has worked for the Cyclone Nargis victims in 2008 and is now helping the famine victims in Zomi Land (Chin State) in Myanmar.  This program began in June of 2008 and is estimated to end in June of 2011.

Distribution Matters
As of September of 2008, we have distributed eight tons of rice, 5,000 bottles of water, 500 mosquito nets, 140 lbs. of cooking oil, 100 ball point pens, two hot meals for over 200 of the surviving children, 50 sets of clothes, free medical treatment for 70 people, ten makeshift tents, 50 blankets and much more.

In March 2010, we distributed 8 1/2 tons of rice and 330 pounds of beans to the famine victims in Zomi Land.

AIM program plans to provide 100 tons of rice, hot meals and medical supplies to the famine victims in November 2010.

Orphanage:  Building Project 2013 

In 2013, there is a plan to build a two story building for an orphanage and is designated as the Child Development Center.  This facility will house 30 orphans

  •  $50,000 for this project 
  •  $30 for month for each child which includes food, shelter, clothes and medicine

Medical Clinic: Malaria and Tuberculosis
Estimated start-up cost is $6,500.

  • $3,000 for medicine
  • $1,500 for equipment and supplies
  • $1,000 for rent (1year)
  • $1,500 for medical personnel

Free medical treatment is provided by AIM Program.


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